DAL Food

DAL Food is a visionary integration of agriculture and industry. As Sudan’s premier food business, DAL Food is passionate about helping people live better through the provision of affordable, basic staple food and drink products all over Sudan and in select neighboring countries.

What further differentiates DAL Food is its passion for tradition, innovation, education and local sourcing (TIES).


DAL Food proudly supports tradition, culture and heritage by organizing the Khartoum Oud Music Festival, the first Nubian Culture and Tourism Festival, as well as regular cultural forums featuring Sudanese artists and experts. Its product line also includes traditional foods under the Zadna brand.


Innovation at DAL Food is all about seizing opportunities and creative problem solving. DAL Food’s animal feed brand, Kafi, has succeeded in creating a whole new business using the bran byproducts of wheat milling.


The Baking Development Centre is part of an award-winning initiative by DAL Food to train bakers and consumers around the country, through its Khartoum location and five custom mobile bakery schools. It develops bakers’ technical skills and provides education on workplace hygiene, business knowledge, and modern equipment.

Local Sourcing

DAL Food is committed to pursuing local sourcing. In addition to its own agricultural projects, it has partnered with local farmers to supply its dairy factory while building their capacity to produce high quality milk through the provision of training, equipment and complimentary veterinary services with regular site visits.