There is no doubt that the food traditions and habits we follow have changed a lot as a result of the change in our daily life and rapidity of our lifestyle. As a result, there has been a growing gap within our customs and traditions, especially those related to food and drink.

As part of our commitment to preserve and promote traditional food and drink, DAL Food launched the first Sudan Traditional Food Festival in 2015 which was tremendous success among the Sudanese community, locals and visitors alike. This second edition of the festival which will spam five days will allow visitors to experience interesting exhibition tours, several outdoor activities such as live cooking demonstrations, traditional music and dance performances dances, all representing the rich cultural diversity and artistic heritage of Sudan; and a traditional outdoor market where traditional cooking utensils, handicrafts, pottery and traditional dishes are sold.

Festival Objectives

  • To celebrate the wealth and diversity of traditional Sudanese food and drink
  • To bridge the generation gaps by connecting people with their traditions
  • To create a platform for recognizing and celebrating the local traditions of growing, storing, preserving and making various types of traditional food and drink
  • To entertain stakeholders and customers with a range of traditional music and dance performances interrelated with food and life cycles
  • To motivate, develop and encourage local producers and experts to continue their role in keeping local traditions alive for the coming generations
  • To begin and encourage scientific research in the fields of traditional food and drink by recognizing and supporting academics working in traditional food research
  • To reaffirm DAL Foods’s commitment as the leading Sudanese food company to local traditions and culture


The festival will include a number of internal exhibitions and outdoor activities meant for displaying and documenting all processes, activities and rituals (such as music and dance) associated with the production and processing of traditional Sudanese foods.